Family Resources for Education and Empowerment (F.R.E.E) is a
  nonprofit 501(c)(3) faith based community organization that provides
  support services to communities and individuals.
  Family Resources mission is two parts:
    1- To prepare through knowledge acquisition, practicum and
        support, a faith based foundation of men, women and youth to
        service the changing and complex needs of the community and
        at-risk youth.
    2- To form and activate community collaborations between service
        providers, at-risk youth and families in need of service.
  At-risk youth are at the forefront of all projects sponsored by
  Family Resources for Education and Empowerment.

  Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders!
  Shaun & Teresa Cooper, CEO
     FREE, Inc.School of Greatness, Youth Organizations & Centers, Shreveport, LA

Family Resources ♦ 8412 Kingston Road, Shreveport, LA, 71108 ♦ Tel: (318) 671-9403 
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